CCP Podcast 042: What angle should I sit my patient at?

 October 16

by Jonathan Downham

What_optHow high should I sit my patient? Should we measure the angle of the bed?

I was lucky enough to be able to chat to Louise Rose again. She and I first had a conversation back on CCP Podcast 013: Mind and Body. In this episode we talk about a study she was involved in, which looked at the use of meters to measure the angle of the bed when nursing the ITU patient. We also go onto discuss whether it matters if we do this at thirty degrees or forty five degrees.

The use of bed-dials to maintain recumbent positioning for critically ill mechanically ventilated patients (The RECUMBENT study): Multicentre before and after observational study.

We also go on to chat about some of the issues with mobilising the critical care patient at a much earlier stage than perhaps most of us do currently. This is an issue I discussed with Carol Hodgson in CCP Podcast 039: Early Mobilisation- Get Them Moving! It is becoming a subject close to my heart and one that I think I may investigate further in the future.


The Intensive Care Society have now released ALL of their presentations as podcasts for you to listen to for FREE. This is fabulous and I strongly recommend that you go over to their website to have a look. The conference was great and I hope you will consider trying to get there next year.

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