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As I learn, you do too

Learning Resources

I hope these are helpful

I have worked over the last few years to chat with others around the world about changes and developments in critical care. Feel free to feedback.

I am a very visual learner and find it much easier to learn from YouTube than anywhere else. So, inspired, I made some of my own!

I have had to understand many subjects over the years and as I have done so I have written my notes down on the website. Hope they help.

My name is Jonathan Downham and I am an Advanced Critical Care Practitioner in Warwick, UK.

I have worked in Critical Care for over 20 years now and have learned many things whilst there. This site has some of my teaching resources, podcasts and videos for anyone else to benefit from.

If you want to follow me on Twitter then look for @ccpractitioner. I am very active on there and it is the best way to get in touch with me quickly.

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Most Recent Podcasts

You can find the rest via whichever pod catcher you choose

CCP Podcast 139: ICU Follow Up Clinics

This is a discussion I had with several others on Facebook Live about setting up and the use of ICU Follow Up Clinics. Some of those on the panel were new to it and some had existing clinics so shared valuable information.

CCP Podcast 138: In Situ Simulation

Kimberley Kirkbright presented her poster at the recent virtual BACCN 2020 conference. She is a keen user of in situ simulation in her department and has set up a program to make it effective. We can all learn something from this.

CCP Podcast 137: VR and Critical Care. Really?!

Here my friend Jon White (@TechNurseJon) chats with Suzanne Lee (@TheHappyLass) founder of Pivotal Reality, VR AR Consultancy for apps with purpose and VR for Dementia specialist, about how we could start thinking about VR in Critical Care.

CCP Podcast 136: Delirium with David Aaronovitch

David Aaronovitch (@DAaronovitch) is a journalist, author and regular reporter with The Times. He was also an intensive care patient and suffered with a frightening delirium. We discuss this along with Dr Julie Highfield (@DrJulie_H) to see how we as intensive care practitioners can help.

CCP Podcast 135: COVID-19 and Ethics

A conversation between Zudin Puthucheary, Senior lecturer and consultant in intensive care medicine, Dr Caroline Sampson, consultant in Anaesthesia and Critical Care, deputy director for Adult ECMO, Glenfield Hospital and Dr Dan Harvey, Intensive care consultant, Nottingham University Hospitals and a member of the legal and ethical advisory group of the Intensive Care Society who is the author of "CRITCON-Pandemic Levels: a stepwise ethical approach to clinician responsibility." 

CCP Podcast 134: COVID 19- When to do that tracheostomy?

A conversation between Zudin Puthucheary, Senior lecturer and consultant in intensive care medicine, Julia Hadley, also a consultant in critical care and lead for the Royal London guidelines for tracheostomy in the COVID patient and Dr Brendan McGrath who is the national clinical lead for the same. 

CCP Podcast 133: Ollie Poole and SCCM Guidelines on Mechanical Ventilation in COVID-19

Ollie (@respreview) is now a Doctor, having been a respiratory therapist. He has made a video over on YouTube breaking down the SCCM guidelines. He very kindly agreed that this could also be made into a podcast for those that would rather just listen. Thanks Ollie.

CCP Podcast 132: COVID- Early Days?

I was very lucky to be contacted by Dr Zudin Puthucheary, Senior Lecturer and Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine, who asked me to record this conversation between himself and Dr Jim Buckley, Consultant in Intensive Care medicine, and Dr Brijesh Patel, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Consultant in Cardiothoracic Intensive Care. 

This discussion focuses on what is potentially the early stages of the crisis the NHS is about to face. Lots of great insights to take away!

Preparing to Prone- Courtesy of the BACCN

This an audio version of the espresso teaching on the BACCN website which you can find here-

CCP Podcast 131: The Rose Trial

I got together with my good friend Dr Segun Olusanya (@iceman_ex) to talk about the use of paralysis in ARDS and the Rose Trial. Segun picked this apart for us in his post at The Bottom Line  and he and I chat about this and its implications. 

Guidelines for the management of tracheal intubation in critically ill adults

Having read the guidelines I made these infographics. They are FREE. Just click on the button below.

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