CCP Podcast 013: Mind and Body

 November 10

by Jonathan Downham

Psychological well being, health related quality of life and memories of intensive care and a specialised weaning centre reported by survivors of prolonged mechanical ventilation.

Intensive and Critical Care Nursing
Volume 30, Issue 3, Pages 145–151, June 2014

The lead author of this paper Louise Rose very kindly agreed to discuss this article and some of the issues it raises with me via Skype. Louise is clearly a very knowledgeable and experienced practitioner in this field of rehabilitation in ITU and some of the insights she gives us are priceless. I really enjoyed this interview and I think you will too.

Dr Margaret Herridge: (Webcast) Long-term Outcomes & Rehabilitation after Critical Illness: Lessons from ARDS, SARS and RECOVER  (May ask for plugin for computer)

You may also find some of these articles useful on this subject:

Self reported depressive symptoms and memory complaints in survivors five years after ARDS. Chest 2011

Psychological determinants of repeated ventilator weaning failure: an explanatory model. American Journal of Critical Care. 2011

Post Traumatic stress disorder after weaning from prolonged mechanical ventilation. Intensive Care Medicine 2010

Depressive disorders during weaning from prolonged mechanical ventilation. Intensive Care Medicine 2010

From three sides now: reflections of an ICU journey as patient, parent and researcher. Intensive Care Medicine 2014

Patient characteristics and outcomes of a provincial prolonged-ventilation weaning centre: a retrospective cohort study. Canadian Respiratory Journal 2012

tedTED Talk – Amy Cuddy- Your body Language shapes who you are.

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