CCP Podcast 040: Why Won’t We Change?

 November 11

by Jonathan Downham

This episode features a chat with Fiona Moffat who is a lecturer in Physiotherapy and practising physiotherapist. She was involved in some LEAN thinking and is now interested in early mobilisation in the critical care world. As a social scientist she is also interested in how we get to normalise new technologies or interventions in health care and what are the barriers to those interventions and change.

She is presenting at the ICS State of the Art conference 2015 and so it was interesting to get to chat to her about some of the issues.

Demystifying theory and its use in improvement Davidoff et al.

Barriers and facilitators to early mobilisation in Intensive Care: A qualitative study. Carol Hodgson et al

Normalisation Process Theory- Carl May

Motomed- physical training in bed!

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