CCP Podcast 011: Social Media…Use it, don’t abuse it!

 January 23

by Jonathan Downham

Another busy time in the world of the Critical Care Practitioner! This episode focuses on a discussion I had with Kaye Rolls (@Kaye_rolls) Clinical Nurse Consultant at the Intensive Care Coordination & Monitoring Unit (ICCMU).

She and I had a Twitter discussion around a couple of articles she had read about the use of social media by health care professions.

The first was “Social media: the way forward or a waste of time for physicians?” J R Coll Physicians Edinb 2013; 43:318–22. This is an article in two parts giving opposite sides of the argument. Both Kaye and I certainly disagree with one of them!

The second article was “Twelve tips for using social media as a medical educator” Medical Educator 2014; 36: 284–290 which offers a number of hints for making the most of this valuable resource.

The recent Celebration Day Jam
by many involved in the NHS Change Day was a webinar led by Helen Bevan, a lady I am hoping to speak to in the near future. This was a fabulous day and very interesting…its the way of the future!

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