I have been producing podcasts since 2014 and have found it an invaluable way of networking with others and enabling me to pick others brains when trying to understand a subject.

Below are the last few podcasts for you to listen to directly from the website. Just click on the episode you are interested in and the show notes and podcast player will appear. There are many more which I have not put on to this page- but you can access them by other means if you wish.

If you prefer you can go directly to my page at Libsyn where I host the podcasts, or just find them on whichever podcatcher you use on your phone and listen to them from there.

CCP Podcast 106: Enough with the noise already!

CCP Podcast 105: Advanced Practice Across the World

CCP Podcast 104: Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS)

CCP Podcast 103: Acute Right Heart Failure

CCP Podcast 102: Dale Needham and Delirium

CCP Podcast 101: Palliative Care in the ICU

CCP Podcast 100: The Two Jonnys Season Two

CCP Podcast 99: Segun and Jonathan chat about fluids

CCP Podcast 98: Bryan Talks AKI

CCP Podcast 97: Cath and Rachael tell us about the ERS conference 2018

CCP Podcast 96: Bryan Talks Hyponatremia

CCP Podcast 95: More mechanical ventilation with Thomas

CCP Podcast 94: Magnesium for the win

CCP Podcast 93: Recent research with Nicole Kupchik

CCP Podcast 92: Practising critical care like an adult

CCP Podcast 91: Practitioners across the pond.

CCP Podcast 90: Mechanical Ventilation with Thomas

CCP Podcast 89: Cath and Jonathan chat about BTS2018

CCP Podcast 88: Chat about NTI2018

CCP Podcast 87: ECMO- how can I make the best referral

CCP Podcast 86: Psychology of patients, relatives and staff.

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