CCP Podcast 034: Mechanical Ventilation…Types of breath.

 December 31

by Jonathan Downham

In this podcast I carry on my conversation with Ollie Poole (@respreview) about some of the issues with mechanical ventilation. We talk about the different types of breath and why we use them. This then helps us identify some of the very confusing terms the ventilator companies use when describing their ventilator modes.

We somehow manage to bring some puppies into the conversation too!! If you want more from Ollie then go to his fantastic YouTube site where he covers other subjects too.

Are you an Advanced Practitioner in any specialty? Then you need to come to this meeting. This is the 3rd year this has been held in Coventry and gives us all a chance to network. Also priced very reasonably so you have no excuses. 

Some good speakers lined up talking about:

An Analysis of UK wide advanced practice programmes.

Advancing Nursing in gerontology.

Challenges of Advanced Practice across primary and secondary care.

In the afternoon there are going to be chances to have a chance to review your anatomy of various systems using the state of the the art Surgical Training centre, followed by workshops in writing a publication, presenting a business case and undertaking research.

Come along and help mold the changes we are all making.

Thyroid Storm

Dr Scott Weingart (@emcrit) does his usual brilliant job over at EMCRIT explaining some of the issues in this condition. This is one I have encountered in ITU so I found particularly interesting.



ANP conference


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