CCP Podcast 031: From Lifesaver to LightSabre!!

 October 16

by Jonathan Downham

PLEASE go to to see the fantastic job this podcasts interviewee has done of making the teaching of basic life support so much easier. I was blown away when I came across it, even as an experienced ALS team member.

It sucks you in and gets you involved. To the novice it is a wonderful learning resource, to the experienced it is great revision.

Martin Percy was the director and we talk about some of the barriers he came up against when raising the funding and one or two great stories that came about. One of those stories gives this episode its title!


The results of the PROMISE trial are out and rather than redo what everyone else has already done I will just point you in the direction of my colleague Simon Laing (@laing_simon) who has summarised it nicely on the HEFTEMCAST podcast.

I will also quote from Steve Mathieu (@stevermathieu75) on The Bottom Line:

“Both groups in this study were actually well matched for most interventions. The main difference was in the use of continuous SCVO2 measurement and CVP to guide management. Perhaps we should not completely dismiss the term ‘EGDT’. Afterall,  our ‘usual care’ consists of early intervention and goal directed therapy. The goal… to continue to reduce mortality with high standard and consistent quality care.”

A point I seem to remember making on a podcast with the ARISE trial authors some months ago.

The guys over at FOAMCast have just released a podcast that tries to explain some of the confusing research terms. If you are like me, then any research term can become confusing. This is a good episode and I am hoping that they will add more in the future.

Antibiotic sensitivity spectra is the focus of a tweet by Pietro Isotti, (@pietroisotti)  a nursing student in Italy. This is a nice PDF of the range of sensitivities and the antibiotics used. 

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