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Would you like to be my Patron?

I have recently started a series of podcasts related to Critical Care and Advanced Nurse Practitioners. These are now available for FREE from the iTunes store. Just go to iTunes and type in Critical care Practitioner into the search bar and you will find me under podcasts as Critical Care Practitioner. I am hoping that these will help my learning process and help me and others network with each other so that we can move our service forward.

I am highly enjoying myself doing these podcasts and have been surprised at how willing people are to come on and talk about themselves and their practice. They are highly rewarding and I hope others feel the same.

There are some costs incurred in hosting these podcasts over at Libsyn and I would love to be able to continue to improve them by buying better equipment, attending conferences to interview others and to be able to take more time out of my current job to work towards excellence.

I have therefore set up with a company called Patreon. Through this service people are able to support the podcast with some money. This can be as little as $1 per month or episode, and the amount can be capped so that there is always a limit to have much is donated.

If you feel you might be interested then please go and look. Even if you feel you cannot help I plan to carry on producing what I hope are useful and entertaining podcasts.

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