Two website for you to add to the list...

Two websites for you to add to the list…

I am in the process of setting up regular online discussions with a couple of practitioners from across the globe and as a quick post I wanted to point you to their websites.

First is Jesse Spur (@inject_orange)a critical care nurse in Australia. His website is Injectable Orange – which I think you will agree is a great title for a website. Jesse is a great user of Twitter and also has a number of guest posters on his site, although so far not one from me (hint, hint Jesse). A useful rersource and there is a rumour that he may start podcasting soon. Watch this space! There is also a link to his website in the sidebar of this page.

Second is Brian Ericson who is an emergency nurse in the US whose site is called ERNursePro. He also has a series of podcasts which are based around various ER and Critical care issues. Well worth  listen. Again there is a link in the sidebar of this page in the links section.


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