Welcome to my Website!

My name is Jonathan Downham and I am an Advanced Critical Care Practitioner in the UK. I have worked in Critical Care for over 20 years now and loved it from day one!

I use my website to help others learn some of the knowledge and skills they will need when working in this specialty through podcasts, blog posts and teaching videos. I hope you find it useful.


Visual learning is something I am a great believer in and I use videos from YouTube many times for my education. 

I have now also started a series of teaching videos which I hope will help others to learn in this way also. If you have any particular subjects you are weak on let me know.


I have tried to understand a number of subjects over the years and as a consequence I have been able to write a few posts/pages that I think might help you as well. 

Mechanical ventilation is just one of these subjects which I try to help you understand.

Recent Podcasts


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CCP Podcast 078: NCEPOD 2017 Acute Non Invasive Ventilation

The Guidelines for the Management of Tracheal Intubation in Critically Ill Adults was recently released and I based the infographics here on those guidelines. If you would like a FREE copy of all the infographics then just click below.

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