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I have made an online video course to help you understand many of the key principles and illnesses that you may encounter in critical care.

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​Modules will help you pick and choose those areas you need the most.

I am an Advanced Critical Care Practitioner in the UK and have worked in critical care for over twenty years. I can help you understand some of the areas you may be struggling with. You can do this in your own time and once you buy a module you can choose how long you take to complete it.

Some of what you can learn from the modules that are available so far:


Why do we need to intubate?

This is something we will be involved in often so we need to understand why we do it.


ARDS? Whats that?

This is a complex condition, but I can help you understand it more clearly.


What is the A-D approach?

Why do we need different plans when we intubate and what are they?


Respiratory Anatomy and Physiology

A better understanding of both will ensure that you more fully understand what we are doing to our patients and why

What Others Are Saying:


Amanda- Student Nurse

Your lecture was brilliant . It has given me a strong foundation to build on and I'm not just saying that because I happen to be in ITU on placement

I would say it is essential for all nursing students to complete this critical care course and it should be mandatory.

Experience obviously comes over time, however knowledge and skills are crucial in becoming an effective nurse and this begins with teaching and learning from those that know how.

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