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Release the (Cricoid) Pressure!

I noticed a Twitter post recently about the possible demise of cricoid pressure. I have asked Minh le Cong (PHARM) if he would come onto a podcast episode to comment and he agreed so this post sort of doubles up as my notes for this conversation.

The original comment was about NAP4  and their response to a cricoid debate that had occurred on Twitter and Google plus.

 “Recommendation: On balance, rapid sequence induction should continue to be taught as a standard technique for protection of the airway. Further focused research might usefully be performed to explore its efficacy, limitations and also explore the consequences of its omission.”

Cliff Reid from ResusMe had expressed an opinion around the subject which seemed to draw some criticism.

I think some of the key points are nicely summarised by Timothy Aebi in his post here so there seems no need to repeat it.

Watch out for the podcast episode featuring this debate. Go to iTunes and subscribe to critical care practitioner podcast.

I look forward to your comments!

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