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New Project

“Welcome to the 185th LITFL Review. Your regular and reliable source for the highest highlights, sneakiest sneak peeks and loudest shout-outs from the webbed world of emergency medicine and critical care. Each week the LITFL team casts the spotlight on the blogosphere’s best and brightest and deliver a bite-sized chuck of FOAM.”

This is the philosophy of the Life in The Fast Lane website and if you have received the link to this page then you are going to become a valuable member of an exciting new project which will emulate some of the best things they do.

I have passed this idea by Chris Nickson, one of the main clinicians behind LITFL, and he is fully supportive of the plan. Whilst I would have been very disappointed otherwise, its nice to have their blessing for this new collaboration.

I use the word “collaboration” very deliberately here. I was recently having a Twitter discussion with Charlotte (@CJohnston1903) and Nicki (@credland_nicki) about sharing some of their work when they have completed some of the dissertations they are doing. As is usual with those on Twitter they were only too glad to share it with me at the right time and were keen to help produce some #FOAMed for the future.

Great I thought….good plan!

This however got me thinking. I have many Twitter friends who are Tweeting many useful resources every day, sometimes, like me, many times a day. Due to the limitations of Twitter they cannot add many comments or interpretations to much that they do Tweet. Also, if you are like me and follow many others, unless you are looking at the right time at your Twitter timeline you can often miss some of the best stuff!

Then I thought…I know a way to help others learn from what we look at every day, which will also help us network with others, provide a newsletter to those that want it and to assisit us all in our continual striving for autonomy, mastery and purpose!

LETS DO WHAT OTHERS HAVE DONE BEFORE!!! I am happy to stand on the shoulder of giants to help others, so we can emulate the way those brilliant medics have done it over at LITFL.

So here are some of my thoughts as to what we could do….

Monthly Editions

I think, to start with, we could aim for a monthly programme of editions of our ‘pearls’ from around the web. I don’t think we should start more regularly than this as I am concerned that we will make promises we cannot keep. It would be bad to not fulfill our promises at an early stage.

If it works well and the contributors are not finding it too onerous, then we as a team could think about making it more regular.


Like LITFL I would like to believe that we could find resources from around the web that will help us and others in the professions in which we work. Having found the resource we could write a short review about it giving some details. This would only have to be 3-4 lines perhaps? Maybe more if you find you have a lot to say about it.

Once we have collected all the reviews for the month they could then be put onto this site and made public via social media for others to see.

I would like those resources to reflect us as Non-medics. That doesn’t mean we cannot review anything medical but it would be nice if we could try to put a slight emphasis on what all the other professions are doing around the internet in a #FOAMed way.

Of course if any of you have something you want to produce a longer post about, or perhaps some snippets from other work you are doing then that would be highly valuable too.

What Else?

I see Twitter as being a very powerful tool in our armoury and much of what we do could be promoted via that. If we total all our followers (being aware of a lot of duplication) I am sure we must have a few thousand people we could tweet to.

I think it would also be great to get people to sign up to a newsletter for those that neither come to the website very often or indeed Twitter (there are such people I believe!!).

A newsletter is very easy to produce and I think gives people an alternative.

In the future I also plan to get more of you involved in podcasting. Perhaps we could do something similar to the RAGE podcast? 

Are you ready to commit to submitting at least one item per month? Regularly?

And be part of something really exciting which I think could grow into something great?

If so, write to me at saying “YES PLEASE” and provide me with a short bio (in the 3rd person,approx 250 words max) and a head and shoulders pic.


Looking forward to getting started.


Excited Jonathan!!

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