My Media List and Wish List - Critical Care Practitioner

My Media List and Wish List

Bronze Setup (current)

libsynPodcast Hosting which I currently run through Libsyn using their 250mb storage plan. This is the total amount I can use each month which allows me to upload 3-4 podcasts per month of about 45-50 minutes per episode. Cost £10 per month.

Bluehost website hosting. Needed to run from where I base the podcast and many of the posts I write. Cost £5 per month.bh_180x150_05

Mailchimp is the service I use to enable me to run Newsletters which allows me to keep in touch with those members of my audience that want it. I currently produce 2 newsletters, one every two weeks, and the other is monthly. I give away a free resource in order to encourage people to sign up which has made a big difference. Cost £6 per month.mailchimp

Total cost per month approx £21 or £252 per year.

Silver Set Up

If I could afford some extras then I could move further forward and become more professional. I am hoping to add some of these one by one when finances allow.

Podcast Hosting I would increase to Libsyns 400mb storage plan as this would allow me to access their advanced statistics. this would mean that I could keep a better track on who was listening, when they stopped listening in each episode and where in the world they were. This would prove to be very useful information to help me tailor my content to my audiences needs. Cost £15 per month.

Voice recorder I am hoping to be attending at least 2 conferences this year and this is a valuable opportunity to get some insights form the speakers. H4nIn order to do this I will need a good quality voice recorder which is portable. The Zoom H4n is the one I would like to purchase as it always gets very good reviews and would seem to do all I need. Cost £180

Microphones to connect to voice recorder and also to improve the quality of the sound when podcasting. I would like a Rode Procaster which offers good depth of sound and cuts out much of the background noise. This would give the podcast a more professional feel. Cost £125rode

Music Radio Creative provide intros and outros for podcasters. In an effort to aim to higher production standards this is something I would like to purchase from them. They work with the podcaster to make sure the voices, script and music they use is appropriate to your subject. MRC

Get the complete audio branding solution for your podcast. A fully produced intro, outro and 3 feature jingles are included in the price. Our audio specialist will select theme music to brand your package and give it a strong identity.” Cost £190

Royalty Free Images. The bane of my life. Currently I take a risk and use a lot of pictures I do not have the rights to as purchasing pictures is very costly. Ideally I would like a subscription to something like iStockphoto so that I could put proper images on my site and in my social media which will help attract people to what I have to offer. Cost £50 per month approx.

MackieMixer desk (Mackie 402-VLZ4 Live Mixer) which will allow me to mix my sounds and interviews as I record which will save many hours over the year. This would be used along side the voice recorder to make the post production a much simpler one. Cost £93

AudioJungle will allow me access to effects and music. I know this does not seem essential to a medical podcast but the more I listen to well produced podcasts the more I am aware thataudio good production, which may include some non intrusive background music, makes it a pleasure to listen too. I gain so much more from those podcasts with high quality production. Cost £10 per month max.

Adobe Audition is the program I would prefer to use to mix my podcasts. Currently I use a free program called Audacity which does all of the basics, but does not automate in the way that Adobe Audition will do. This again would save a lot of time in post production allowing me more time to concentrate on the content. Cost £17 per month.

Gold Set Up (all of the above plus…)

Long term plans would include teaching videos, webinars and on line conferences. Some of the requirements are;

Video Camera which would be used in a studio type setting at home to produce high quality teaching and promotional material for the podcast and conferences. This could also be used to record teaching sessions in my working environment which could then be turned into an e-learning resource for the growing body of practitioners. Cost £400 approx.

Video editing software (Cyber Link Power Director)- essential if the videos are going to be edited to a good standard. Cost £35.

micLavalier clip on microphone which would go along with the video camera to ensure that the videos have quality sound. Cost £35

Lighting. Production of quality video will require good lighting. this is a relatively cheap out lay surprisngly.  Cost £90lighting


…And maybe one day……

Processing of video and audio takes a lot of computer power. imacWhen I win the lottery I will buy myself and iMac to achieve all this lightening fast!

Cost £1500!!

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