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Google Hang-Outs….still trying!

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Posted this back in December and I have been pestering people on Twitter ever since. I have a few ‘volunteers’ and I am planning on fixing a date with them.








…watch out for twitter. I’m coming for you! Anyone else who wants to get involved is welcome.

Google Hang Outs for Advanced Practitioners

“The practitioner role is here to stay, but I feel like we are working in isolation. We are probably all working along similar lines, developing the same working methods, learning the same procedures and most importantly encountering the same problems. We should be sharing these experiences with each other, not just locally but nationally. I have been pondering for a while now how to do this and it struck me that perhaps we should try Google Hang Outs for a while to see if we can make regular contact with other practitioners.

We can arrange meetings where as many as ten people can be involved. These meetings can be streamed/saved to YouTube so that others who cannot be directly involved can listen to the discussion. There is even a facility for those people to post questions/comments as the meeting is going on.

There are lots of videos on YouTube showing how to set up on the service, firstly requiring a Google mail account.

Is there anyone out there who wants to get the ball rolling, perhaps initially with an interview of their experiences in the role so far? Could act as a test transmission to iron out teething problems.

If we get regular meetings organised these can be tweeted so that people are aware of when they will be happening. I see great potential for this to be useful to us all and will let us get in touch with one another.

I am going to keep pestering until someone steps up to the mark!!

Tweet me on @ccpractitioner if you want to give it a go….”

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