Dr Ken Grauer- Fabulous ECG resource- by Charles Spencer - Critical Care Practitioner

Dr Ken Grauer- Fabulous ECG resource- by Charles Spencer

There are a number of great FOAM resources that have helped me develop as an independent cardiac practitioner. It is very hard to pick a favourite but thinking more laterally and choosing a person rather than an individual website or blog it has to be the work of Dr Ken Grauer and his ECG resource.

 Dr Grauer is a retired American professor and physician with over 30 years experience in medical education. He specialises in electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) interpretation and continues to work tirelessly to educate all who are interested at any skill level.

He has produced a number of books (paid), YouTube video’s and blogs providing a range of excellent resources on the subject.






 As great as these are they are not the reason that Ken is my number 1 FOAM resource.

The reason is he fully embraces the principles of FOAM and is a huge contributor to the online ECG community. He interacts with anyone of any skill level on a number of platforms and is always courteous and supportive.

He not only responds to posts and questions but comments on nearly all publicly posted ECGs online! When I say he comments and responds, that does not do justice to the extensive expert commentaries that not only talk you through his systematic approach but convey clinical considerations and direct you to further reading. If I am unsure of a trace I will tag him in a post and get a comprehensive reply within hours, it’s like having a personal ECG guru!

For the above reasons his best work is found commenting on real cases on Google circles and Facebook EKG group.



Charles Spencer

Charles Spencer is a Cardiac Nurse Practitioner at Heart of England Foundation Trust working towards advanced practice. Role includes assessment and management of a range of cardiac patients including STEMI and high grade arrhythmias in the acute setting. DipHE Adult Nursing with several post registration modules including non-medical prescribing currently studying for an MSc in Advanced Practice. Self confessed ECG geek with a love of FOAMed and cross speciality/discipline learning. Special interests include Coronary Spasm, electrophysiology and low/medium risk chest pain. Future goals include echocardiography, central lines and lecturing. Views my own.

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  1. Ken Grauer’s ECG Pocket Brain is by the far the best value for money ECG book I have seen.

    I am pleased to hear that I am not the only one who pesters him with ECG questions. It is also nice to see some-one publicly acknowledge his contribution to on-line medical education.

  2. Thank you so much Charles Spencer !!! (and David Thomas!). It has been my pleasure to be helpful. I’ve made easy-to-remember links for my free on-line ECG materials = my ECG Blog (www.blogecg.com) — my ECG Videos (www.videoecg.com). For the ECG Blog — Click on the tab, “INDEX” that appears in the upper right of any page — and this will take you to a detailed Contents of ALL that is on my ECG Blog. THANKS again for the very kind words! — 🙂

  3. Your welcome Ken. Great to be able to give credit where it’s due. Thanks for the opportunity Jonathan.

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