Do Doctors Do it Better?

Do Doctors Do it Better?

Sarah Webb, Resuscitation Coordinator at Royal North Shore presented to the SMACC conference 2014. In this talk she debunked some of the myths about what nurses can and cannot do do as part of the team in intensive care. This she presented to a room full of physicians and she did it with great confidence. To quote Jesse Spur from Injectable Orange:

“To confront this topic with style and grace (and a calm exterior) was pretty damn impressive. So to those who were concerned that nurses were under-represented at SMACC 2014, you probably weren’t looking in the right rooms. How about we do something about it and shout it from the rooftops for SMACC 2015. Lets drag our colleagues kicking and screaming into the world of Life In the Fast Lane, ICN, Impacted Nurse and the other plethora of great resources that can help broaden our often specialised focus and provide some insight into areas that are different from our own environment.”



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“Residents feel unprepared and unsupervised as leaders of cardiac arrest teams in teaching hospitals: a survey of internal medicine residents.” Hayes CW, Rhee A, Detsky ME, Leblanc VR, Wax RS. Critical Care Medicine 

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