CREAD 001- CRitical Evaluation, Appraisal and Discussion - Critical Care Practitioner

CREAD 001- CRitical Evaluation, Appraisal and Discussion

CREAD (1)_optWelcome to the very first edition of CREAD- CRitical Evaluation, Appraisal and Discussion. 

This very much takes its inspiration from the work of the team over at Life in The Fast Lane which provides regular round ups of some of the many resources available via the internet which makes our learning easier. 

We are attempting something similar here, but the difference is that the contributors are from specialties other than medicine. So we have paramedics, nurses, and physios to name just a few. They are all experienced in their fields, regular internet learners and Twitter users. Some have written articles and some have pointed out some of the resources they have come across on their internet travels.

This will be a bi-monthly effort initially. If it becomes popular and the hard working contributors can find the time then I hope it will become more regular.

I do want to emphasize that it is the work of the contributors that makes it work…..I am just the coordinator. 

If you do feel you want to make a contribution in the future please get in touch with me via Twitter @ccpractitioner.

This is my stethoscope.

Tom Hreben has written a thought provoking piece for us to read about the physical assessment of the patient by the nurse. The image that has been pushed forward in some parts of the American media of late has seemed to imply that nurses are not highly trained but are merely ‘pill pushers’

Tom takes exception to this view…. read here for more.

Gavin loves Dr Levitan

Gavin Denton has pointed us in the direction of a number of video and power point resources for airway management and pharmacology amongst others. I know Gavin is very interested in airway management and that is reflected in some of the materiel available fro Dr Richard Levitan. Read more here……

Crew (Crisis) Resource Management

Shannon Crouch debates the CRM topic and shows us a very useful video highlighting some of the points she makes…..go read it here.

Confusing ventilation graphics?

Nicki Credland found this great presentation on slide share which discusses some of the issues around all those confusing lines on the ventilator screens. This is only a powerpoint so there is no voice over but will provide great inspiration for future presentations I think.

Researchers Nirvana?

…..and finally thanks to Scott Colton for a quick reminder abut the great resource that is Scott summarises it:

“Looking for resources that can support your research? Connecting you with like-minded people? With access to millions of publications the ability to collaborate and discuss with colleagues globally and being able to publish your own work too. It has been described as the ‘Facebook for scientists’ by the Huffington post (2015). ResearchGate publicize a current community of over seven million users, which is increasing all the time. You have the ability to search via your network, your field of research and publications you follow and recently published work. By publishing your own work ranging from Journal articles conference; papers presentations and posters and a number of other mediums like media files which gives you the ability to create your own DOI for your work.”
If you need further convincing then this video might help:


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