CCP Podcast 014: How Much Fluid?

 November 10

by Jonathan Downham

I made contact with Dr Segun Olunsanya via Twitter to discuss some of the issues around the fluid management of the sick patient. He in turn persuaded a couple of others involved in ITU. This has led to this fascinating discussion around this issue and it is one of the podcasts I am most pleased with. I have tried to include a lot of the links to the papers and sites we discuss below.

A great conversation and very useful. I am hoping to be able to repeat this type of discussion again.

This weeks TED talk from NPR radio that I want to send you to is one by Margaret Heffernan called “Dare to Disagree” in which she tells the story of Dr Alice Stewart a physician who found a link between cancer and X Rays. This is also about discovering the truth and acting upon it. Well worth listening to.

Margaret has also written a book called “Wilfull Blindness”

JICS cast- Great podcast Segun is involved with.

Shoemaker 1988

ICMUK Website- Justin Mandevilles site

Jones article on Lacate Clearance

See also Rivers Trial on this web site

Also read about the debate about whether lactate clearance is a valid parameter.

EMCRITS view on the above

WikiJournalClub- Rivers Trial

Paul Mariks assertion that Lactate clearance is flawed


EMCRIT- Podcast 54- Dr Rivers on Severe Sepsis

ARISE- summary

Surviving Sepsis Guideline 2012

Critical Care Practitioner summary of Sepsis Guidelines

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