BestBets: "A review of apnoeic oxygenation." - Critical Care Practitioner

BestBets: “A review of apnoeic oxygenation.”

One of my very bright colleagues, Gavin Denton, did a review of the literature around apnoeic oxygenation using the best bets format. In his words:

“At the least, apnoeic oxygenation does no harm, and is a cheap and accessible technique that
can be added to a pre-oxygenation method during an attempt of endotracheal intubation. In
the context of an emergency rapid sequence induction, where patients are invariably hypoxic
and have reduced functional residual capacity, apneic oxygenation may provide additional vital
time before desaturation.”
You can find his review here…
Thanks Gavin (@dentongavin).

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