Airway and Pharmacology resources...amongst others.... - Critical Care Practitioner

Airway and Pharmacology resources…amongst others….

I have been listening to podcasts and watching videos on the internet as part of my learning process.

How many tubes for competency, this is a nice summary of evidence looking into the evidence surrounding the number of intubation so required to attain oral intubation competence. More pertinent to the occasional intubator. This is a great article on how many intubations does it take to become competent on to start us off with some food for thought.

There are then 3 podcasts to point you to:

The EM Res- Ultrasound in Dyspnoea. 1 of 2 parts.

Rosenthal: How “Critical” is O2 in Critical Care? The Maryland CC Project.

iCritical Care All Audio – the role of Nurse Practitioners in ICU

And finally a powerpoint presentation from Dr Levitan again- be warned there are some graphic images in this one!

Dr Levitan Airway Lecture at Mayo Clinic July 2015

Oxygenation: Understanding your BVM Device

Penicillin – Antibiotics 1 of 4

Gavin DentonGavin Denton @dentongavin – Current role: Critical care practitioner, critical care, West Midlands. Roles include; assessment and management of the critically ill patient, insertion of invasive lines, advanced airway management (under supervision), transfer of the critically ill patient, resuscitation (from airway, to team leader to post resus care). Trenching and support of junior doctors of the above.
Graduated from the University of Birmingham with BN(hons). BSc from Birmingham City University. About to complete MSc in health sciences from the University of Warwick.
Working background: 15 years working within various aspects of critical care. 7 years in critical care, 6 years in critical care outreach, 2 years as a critical care practitioner. Adult life support instructor. Independent non-medical prescriber.
Future aims: faculty of critical care medicine affiliation. FEEL course, POCUS training.
Clinical interests: USS, airway management.
Dream job: Doing it.

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