Class of 87

Class Sept 87 Epping

This is the class of September 1987 at the West Essex School of Nursing! I am number 24…..with hair back then. I would love to find out where all these people are now and what they are doing.

Can you help? If you can add to the comments at the bottom of the page or contact me on Facebook and I will update as people get in touch.

I have started by adding the names of some of those I know. Lets see how many we can get.

Class Sept 87 Epping

1- Sarah Lewis-

2- Samantha Wood-

3- June Gilham-

5- Mary Kearns-

6- Sarah Gray-

7- Mandy Pearcy-

9- Lesley-

10- Marjorie Doherty- Working as Assistant Director of Nursing Operational manager in Letterkenny University Hospital. Co donegal. Still single but have plenty of nieces and nephews to keep me on my toes.

11- Jane-

12- Julia Tredgett-

19- Cathy Mann-

20- ?George-

21- Lesley March-

22- ?Sue Hogben-

23- Roger Hubble-

24- Jonathan Downham- Me! Now an Advanced Critical Care Practitioner at Warwick Hospital. Happily married to Abi and Father of two 13 year old boys. Still love rugby, stopped playing a long time ago but have reffed and now coach my local Under 14s side which includes my two boys.

25- Jonathan Stafford-

26- Paul Prentice-

27- Steve Barham-nokes-

28- Malcolm-

29- Chris Wilde-

30- Michelle Little-

31- Celine Andrews- Living in a field in rural France,teaching line-dancing and drinking wine at 3 euros a bottle ,the stress is unimaginable!

32- Virginia Ann Kelly-

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  1. Living in Wenatchee, Washington, USA. Retired due to health issues. Married to Debbie nearly 25 years 5 kids many grandkids

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